First Grade Games to Reinforce Skills

Spelling - Fun way to improve spelling. Dramatically improve your students ability to earn and retain spelling words. Over 6,600 words to practice with. Easily customize lists that will be used in all the games on the site.

Phonemic Awareness
ABC games This site includes many games to reinforce many skills.


An online streaming video program featuring SAG members reading children's storybooks aloud with activities and lesson ideas.


Sharpen math skills and vocabulary with exciting online math games and crossword puzzles.
McGraw-Hill Mathematics

First grade math skills with unlimited interactive practice, explanations, examples, and challenge games.

Action-packed site where students can practice math skills, solve word problems, watch math videos, play logic games and have some fun!
Math Playground


Typing of the Ghosts


Make a Comic Strip

Kids Research

Kids Research Designed by Librarians

World Book Web World Book Web
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Kids National Geographic

Pumpkin Fun