Great Websites for First Graders

Reading and Spelling

ARCADE + ACADEMICS = FUN LEARNING - Free Stories and eBooks for the Beginning Reader

BBC Bitesize

BrainPop Jr


Learning Games for Kids

Clarkness - Free Stories and eBooks for the Beginning Reader

Get Ready to Read

Learning Games for Kids


play KIDS games

Literacy and Reading Links - Dr. Jon Reyhner

Smarty Games


Spelling City


Storyline Online

Math - A+ Math - AAA Math - Academic Skill Builders
BBC Bitesize - Bitesize Math
Brainpop - Count Us In - Educational Videos/Lessons/Games - Kids Know It Network - Learning Games for Kids - Math Cats - Math Slice - National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Play Kids Games - Sheppard - Make Learning Fun Smarty Games - Think Math!

Science - Kids Astronomy - Kids Know It Network - Sheppard - Make Learning Fun - The Magic School Bus - Try Science - Weather Channel Kids - Weather Wiz Kids

Animals - Animal Fact Guide - Kids Biology - Animals - Kids Planet - National Geographic Little Kids - Sea World/Bush Gardens Animal Information data base - Switcheroo Zoo

Social Studies - Ben's Guide to US Government for Kids - BrainPop Jr. - Kids Know IT Network -

Writing - Handwriting - BrainPop Jr. - Spelling City - handwriting worksheets